New Paper Doll Outfit: Amy from Amy Unbounded

This is Carmella’s first new costume! It’s the outfit worn by Amy in the book Belondweg Blossoming by Rachel Hartman. I know that it’s really simple, but she’s a medieval peasant girl, so cut her some slack. Besides, it’s very well suited to running around and getting dirty and having adventures. Can you imagine a more elaborate dress surviving very well in a sheep pen? Me neither. Amy is a great character who lives in a world with wonderfully three-dimensional characters and an incredibly nuanced story. I was incredibly impressed with this story. The book is awesome, although not as easy to find as I’d like. My copy was a gift and I’m thrilled I got it, since it’s a fantastic story. I highly recommend it. There are apparently six issues of the comic that came before this book but have not been collected and I’d love to get them sometime, since this was so good.

You can find the Carmella paper doll and both of her outfits on her page. She, Alana and Serena will all have more outfits soon!

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