New Paper Doll Outfit: The Phantasm

Here’s a new costume for Alana! I recently watched the movie Mask of the Phantasm, which is tied into the Batman: The Animated Series, for the first time and I really enjoyed it. In the movie, the Phantasm always looks male, but I think my version works just fine. It was a good movie. I really love the television show, though, so it’s probably not too surprising that I enjoyed this movie! I particularly liked that Alfred got some awesome lines. Alfred is one of my favorite characters in just about any incarnation. Without him and Barbara, I’m not sure I ever would have come to love the Bat-verse as much as I have.

Alana does have some more normal clothes that I’ll put up, so if you’re waiting for those don’t worry. They’ll show up eventually. She also has some historical costumes and other things. She has more outfits than anyone else so far. Anyhow, this costume, the paper doll and the rest of Alana’s outfits can be found on her page.

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