New Paper Doll Outfit: Dorothy of Oz

Today I have a new outfit for Carmella! This is the dress worn by Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz comic adaption done by Eric Shanower and Scottie Young recently for Marvel. I loved this adaption. It was wonderfully faithful to the original book (yes, book, not movie), but also had it’s own very distinct flair. The art had a great feel with striking geometric shapes and large fields of color. This dress is the one Dorothy brings with her from Kansas and wears for most of the journey through Oz. It had a bonnet as well, but I couldn’t make that come out right and since she didn’t wear it all the time, I decided to leave it off entirely. I really liked all of the outfits Young drew for Dorothy in this series. I particularly appreciated the yellow dress she wore in the Winkie Castle, since I’m not sure I’ve ever seen another illustrator who gave her a specific outfit for that location!

All of Carmella’s outfits and the doll herself can be found on her page.

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