New Paper Doll Outfit: Becky Sharp

Today I have a new costume for Alana and it’s NOT comic book themed! It’s from the absolutely horrible movie of Vanity Fair that came out in 2004 starring Reese Witherspoon. I have no idea why I watched this movie again, since I remembered it being awful, but I guess I wanted to give it another chance. Unfortunately, it was every bit as bad as I remembered. They tried to make Becky nice (probably so Reese wasn’t playing a conniving manipulator with little concern for anyone else) and the result was a story that didn’t make nearly as much sense. Becky isn’t a victim and you just can’t make her one. It doesn’t work. Not to mention the horrible costumes. They were really pretty, but this was supposed to be a period piece and there were side zippers everywhere and fabrics that hadn’t been invented yet and trims that couldn’t have been made (much less afforded by Becky if someone did manage it). It was a mess. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that Vanity Fair just doesn’t make a good movie (although there are some decent attempts). What makes it an interesting book is the snarky satire and it’s nearly impossible to retain that in a movie. Maybe they could manage it if they made the writer a character like in the movie version of Tom Jones, but I haven’t seen a version that attempted it that way yet.

Anyhow, feel free to color this if you like and I’ll post it (my email, since it’s been pointed out that I never posted a way to send these to me, is katie at pixiepalace dot com). This and all of Alana’s other outfits as well as the doll herself can be found on her page. Sorry for the long break between outfits, but my computer has died and I’m now using my husband’s, which is taking some getting used to. Hopefully mine will be working again soon!

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