New Paper Doll Outfit: La Princessa Dora

Today I have a new outfit for Carmella! This is Dora the Explorer’s princess dress from the double-length epsiode “Dora’s Fairytale Adventure”. In the story, Boots (Dora’s monkey companion) eats a banana that a witch has cursed and falls into a magical sleep. Dora must become a true princess and give him a hug to wake him up before the last leaf falls off a talking wall or Boots will never wake up. There’s a dragon who’s really an enchanted prince, a giant with singing stones, and a king and queen at the top of a tower. Dora becomes a true princess and even uses a magic brush to give herself Rapunzel-length hair at one point! Needless to say, Boots is rescued by a hug from his good friend, Dora. It’s a cute story and kind of a fun mash-up of fairy tales and fairy tale themes.

This is the dress that Dora wears as a princess. It’s yellow. In the show, her magically lengthened hair comes out of the top of the hat like a scarf might, but since my doll has short hair I decided to leave it off. The dress and the doll (as well as the rest of Carmella’s outfits) can be found on Carmella’s page or by clicking on the image. I know that Serena has been getting a little neglected lately, but I promise that she has some cute outfits coming up soon!

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