New Paper Doll Outfit – Batwoman

And it’s yet another new paper doll outfit today! It’s been a productive day for me, so you get another outfit (which is more because I’m way behind on posting outfits than anything else)! This is the new Batwoman costume as seen in Detective Comics. Kate Kane’s Batwoman was also featured in 52, but I like this version better. It’s more practical (check out the boots) and has a little more personality, if you ask me. And Kate Kane is all about personality. I mean, the woman’s got some serious guts to put a bat on her chest without so much as a nod from… well… anyone in the Bat family. Granted, her timing is excellent. Given that Bruce normally kept a pretty tight grip on who was and wasn’t allowed to hero in his city, she may have just been lucky that she started just as he skipped town for a while and then just as he came back, she had to take a hiatus and is only able to get back to work around the time he dies (and, lucky for her, Dick is much more tolerant of new heroes). But I like Kate. I’d like to see her get hooked up, at least peripherally, with the female arm of the Bat family (Babs, Steph, etc.). The female members of the Bat-clan have always been pretty separate from guy-centered Batcave anyway (I read a great academic analysis about the Bat universe once discussing how the men work out of a womb-like cave underground while the women work out of a phallic skyscraper and the symbolic implications of that).

If you click on the image it will take you to Alana’s page were you can find the full sized version of this costume and the rest of her outfits, as well as the doll herself. I know this is yet another comic-themed outfit for Alana, but she got a ball gown this morning. Next I’ll have another outfit for Serena.

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