New Paper Doll Outfit – Jo March

Today’s first new paper doll outfit is for Alana. I’m hoping to get at least one more outfit up later today. This gown is what Jo March wears to go to the opera with Professer Bhear in the 1933 movie version of Little Women. Jo was played by Katherine Hepburn and the movie is a very melodramatic version of the story, but still one of the better movie versions if you ask me. Katherine Hepburn really gets Jo’s enthusiasm and how she’s very well-intentioned, even when her schemes aren’t very logical. I chose the ballgown mostly because it was one I could get a good view of to draw. I think it looks a lot like Belle’s ballgown from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and I kind of wonder if someone at Disney didn’t take some inspiration for that dress from this one (although why they would do that, other than the fact that it’s a very pretty gown, I have no idea).

The image links to Alana’s page where you can find this dress as well as her other costumes and the doll herself. I also reuploaded the Power Girl outfit after cleaning it up a bit, since it apparently looked like a mess on every computer but mine! My new computer seems to be better at displaying images for me (which is odd, but whatever), so hopefully I’ll be better about not letting that happen. I should have something up for Serena next, since she’s been slightly neglected lately!

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