New Paper Doll Outfit – Supergirl

And finally poor, neglected Serena gets a new outfit! This is the Supergirl costume that appeared in the Supergirl strip in Wednesday Comics this past summer. The strip was drawn by Amanda Conner, who is also responsible for the really cool Power Girl costume Alana has. I’ve become a big fan of her art. It’s fun and she has a great attention to detail. She also clearly has some understanding of how girl clothes work, which really can’t be said for many artists in the comic book industry (sadly).

The Supergirl strip was by far my favorite from Wednesday Comics. It was funny and self-contained, so the audience didn’t need to know anything about the character or world to enjoy it. It also was one of the few to show a female character being heroic, active and in control (even as she tried to keep a handle on what was going on with the super pets). I had hoped for this from at least the Wonder Woman strip as well, but, sadly, it wasn’t the case. Since I’ve already written pages and pages about Wednesday Comics over on my Book Blog, I won’t repeat the analysis here. Suffice it to say, the female characters, by and large, were far from served by this project. But Supergirl rocked.

As always, the image will link you to Serena’s page where you can find the full sized version of this outfit as well as her other outfit and the doll herself. I know Serena doesn’t have much yet, but I have a large pile of outfits for her, so she will have more soon, I promise!

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