New Paper Doll Outfit – Lilly

Here’s another new outfit for Serena! This is the outfit that a character named Lilly wears in the comic NeoZoic. The comic is about a human civilization in the middle of a landscape where dinosaurs roam. Lilly is part of the defense squad for the city. Whenever dinosaurs attack the city walls (nearly always predators), these defenders are called up to protect the city. Lilly had this awesome sort of steampunk-ish outfit and I just had to draw it. She had some pretty heavy artillery too, but I’m really bad at drawing weapons, so she’s only got those long daggers hanging at her hip. The illustrations in the comic are all dark earth tones, so this outfit is dark browns and reds in the original art. Lilly looked very tough, despite being only a teenager. I haven’t gotten to read much of this comic, but I enjoyed what I read! Hopefully I’ll get to read more at some point!

The full sized image of this outfit as well as Serena herself and all the rest of her wardrobe can be found on her page. Next time I’ll have another dress for Alana!

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