New Paper Doll Costume – Max

Today I have a new outfit for Serena! This is the outfit Max wears in the cartoon Batman Beyond. Michael and I recently watched through this show and I really enjoyed it, even though I remembered not liking the few episodes I’d seen in the past. The one thing I wished it had given me that it didn’t was some explanation for where Dick Grayson was. He was mentioned, but his absence was never explained. It felt weird. Other than that, it was a fantastic show. Bruce as an older, but still pretty scary, man was great. I loved Ace (the dog). And Terry was a great contrast to Bruce. He really was a different kind of Batman and that was cool. Best of all, he wasn’t just a clone of Dick or Tim, he was a fully fleshed out and interesting character. Max was my favorite, though. She was smart and tough and figured things out that it always seems like someone should be able to figure out, but in comic books no one ever does. She was really awesome. I would have loved to see her get to be Batgirl or something, but I think it actually worked really well having her remain a civilian but get to help and work with both Terry and Bruce at various times. Yeah, she needed saving that one time, but most of the time she was pretty kick-ass in her own right and even that time she was holding up pretty well in a pretty weird and creepy situation, so I’m not going to begrudge her it too much (she was way better as a kidnapping victim than Dana, anyway, who just whined and screamed the whole episode). She was a great friend and a great ally and I loved her. So my paper doll gets her outfit!

Serena and full sized versions of all her outfits (including this one) can be found on her page. She’s got a bunch of gowns and fancy dresses coming up, so that will add something new to her wardrobe! And I will get back to more outfits for Carmella, I promise!

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