New Paper Doll Outfit – Wonder Woman

Well, Alana’s collection of superheroine costumes would hardly be complete without a Wonder Woman costume, now would it? This is the Amazon Princess’s current look from her own comic which is being written by Gail Simone right now. I was reading it for a while (and am considering trying it again), but the plotline with the male Amazons really annoyed me. The Amazons are the only totally female society in… probably all of major comicdom, and for some stupid reason DC decided to undermine that by putting a guy in charge of them. A dead guy at that. I’m sorry, but the Amazons should be what they are – a society of women warriors – not some women being led by a zombie. That’s just stupid and annoying. I do have to give Wonder Woman points for splitting from them over it, but that doesn’t make it a better storyline. But then, DC has done a good job of driving me away from most of their books lately, so why should Wonder Woman be any different?

Full sized versions of Alana and her outfits (including this one) can all be found on her page. I’m afraid that the tiara on this may be impossible to actually put on the doll if you’re cutting these out. Sorry about that! You could ad tabs to the sides of the tiara and cut little slits between Alana’s face and hair to slide them into, holding the tiara onto her head, but that’s the only idea I have.

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