New Paper Doll Outfit – Cindy

This is a new dress for Serena! The inspiration came from the book Seeds of Yesterday by V. C. Andrews (it’s one of the sequels to Flowers in the Attic). It’s a dreadful book and I absolutely don’t recommend it. It’s a total waste of time unless you enjoy overwrought melodramas full of inconsistencies and annoying plot devices that don’t really make sense. But it’s also full of parties and so I decided to give Serena a party dress like one described in the book (she really didn’t have anything formal yet, so I thought she deserved it). The book was written in the 1980s, so the dress is inspired by some prom dresses from the early 1980s. Cindy is described as having pulled the ruffle off the shoulder in an attempt to look more sexy and grown-up, so I did that to the dress and it ended up looking pretty good that way.

Serena’s other outfits and the doll herself can all be found on her page, which is also where the full-sized version of this gown is. She has some more dresses coming up, so if you liked this, there’s more gowns and dresses to come.

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