New Paper Doll Outfit – Tika

This is a new dress for Alana. It’s the costume Tika wears in the animated movie Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight. I am not advocating watching this movie. Ever. Not even being drunk could possibly save this movie. It’s awful. The people and backgrounds are hand animated while the dragons and everything dragon-ish are computer animated. And they aren’t blended nicely like with Beauty and the Beast or anything. It looks like two separate movies sort of collided and the result is horrifying and literally painful and confusing to watch. Not to mention, the story barely makes sense the way they cut it down. And the movie is full of really bad mistakes that REALLY should have been caught before it went to print (my favorite is when the layers got messed up during the big, climactic fight and the bad guy’s weapon is sicking through his torso for a few seconds). But this is Tika, the barmaid who becomes a warrior of sorts in the books, but is pretty much just a panicky barmaid in the movie. I have no idea how the skirt works, but it’s animated, so it doesn’t have to really make sense, right?

The full sized version of this and all of Alana’s other outfits (as well as the doll) are available on her page. I notice she doesn’t have any book outfits yet. Eventually she’ll have some, it’s just that mostly I read books for kids and teens, so most of my book-inspired costumes have been for Carmella and Serena.

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