New Paper Doll Outfit – Priscilla Page

This is another character from the Fables universe. This time it’s not a Fable, but rather a “Literal”. The Literals are mostly immortal characters introduced late in the series. Many of them are the embodiment of literary concepts, for example there’s a whole bunch of them that are genres (Fantasy, Mystery, Western, etc.) or literary devices (Deus Ex Machina, etc.). Some act upon stories rather than being part of them, like Revise and Bookburner. The three Page sisters are among them. These sisters are librarians, but librarians like none you’ve ever seen before. Each has a specialty. Priscilla’s specialty is security, so she has storehouses of weapons hidden all over the place – serious weapons like missile launchers. Smart people don’t piss off these women (so of course Jack does it frequently).

Alana and all of her outfits can be found on her page. She’s got more modern clothes coming for a little while and then we’ll get back to gowns and such.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Susie Derkins

I recently read through the Calvin and Hobbes collection Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons again and it made me really want to let Carmella dress up as Susie Derkins. I love the freedom of imagination that both Calvin and Susie have in these comics. They both dip in and out of a variety of genres and storylines pretty much at will. Obviously, since we’re looking over Calvin’s shoulder most of the time, we get to see far more of his fantasies, but there are a lot of hits and glimpses of Susie’s as well. I also love that as bratty and troublesome as Calvin can be when he wants to be, Susie is always written as every bit a match for him – she can not only keep up with his trouble, but often get the better of him! Anyway, I love Susie. Calvin and Hobbes is a brilliant comic, but I think it would have been less brilliant without Susie around to be a friend and an opponent for Calvin.

Full sized versions of Carmella’s outfits can all be found on her page, as well as the doll herself. She’s got some more modern clothes coming before we get back to Serena, who’s going to get some fairy tale gowns!

New Paper Doll Outfit: Lois Lane

Today I’m adding to Alana’s collection of comic book themed outfits with a costume from Superman: The Animated Series worn by Lois Lane. I was never a big fan of Superman himself, but I’ve always loved Lois. She was such a great character – the woman reporter who had worked her way to one of the best assignments around and was damn good at it. She had no fear and would go to serious lengths to get a story. She always reminded me a little bit of Nancy Drew (another favorite of mine). I always figured she originally fell for Superman because he was a great mystery and a great story, but I also always figured that any reporter as good as Lois just had to have figured out who he was pretty quickly. I mean, come on, she’s toppled kingpins and exposed the dirty laundry of pillars of the community. How could a pair of glasses and a swipe of a comb fool her for long? My favorite semi-recent Lois story was actually in a very early issue of Birds of Prey where she ran into Black Canary in a factory while she was trying to uncover the story and Canary was trying to shut it down. They worked together and had some great “dating superheroes is often a nightmare” conversations, without ever revealing each other’s secrets. It was brilliantly written (Chuck Dixon, if I’m remembering correctly), and no Superman in sight. Anyway, this is her standard reporter outfit from the animated show. The jacket was sometimes red and sometimes violet, and the skirt was usually white (although I think I remember it being black once or twice). The shoes were always the color of the jacket. Lois could coordinate.

The full sized versions of all of Alana’s outfits, including this one, can be found on her page along with the doll herself. She has more modern clothes coming up for a while.

New Paper Doll Outfit – Bigby Wolf

This outfit has quite possibly the strangest story yet. It’s from the comic book Fables, which stars the characters of all the classic European fairy tales and then whatever other characters from fiction the authors and illustrators feel like pulling in. One of the main characters is the Big Bad Wolf, called Bigby. He’s the sheriff in Fabletown, very gruff, usually scruffy, and totally in love with Snow White. He’s not girly in ANY WAY. And then a story comes along where someone starts magically transforming him into weird things, like a pink elephant and a monkey. The final thing he’s turned into is an adorable little girl with blonde ringlets. To say he’s not happy would be a vast understatement. I liked the cute pink dress he was wearing in this transformation, though, so I decided to draw it for Carmella. So here is Bigby Wolf’s outfit from when he was (briefly) an adorable little girl!

Carmella and the full sized versions of all of her outfits (including this one) can be found on her page. She’s going to get some sets of play clothes next before we go back to outfits for Serena.

New Paper Doll Outfit – Anna Karenina

This is another outfit for Alana and this is her first hat! She’s had some tiaras and a mask before, but no hats. This dress is from the ending scene in the train station of the 1935 movie version of Anna Karenina starring Greta Garbo. It appears to have been made of a dark velvet in the movie (black or dark green would be my guess, but it’s a black and white movie, so it’s hard to be sure). I really liked the details on the costumes in this movie (like the decorative motifs on the jacket here, which were much prettier and more complicated on the real thing). The movie cut out some of my favorite parts of the book, but it’s such a massive story that they’d have to cut out a lot to make it into a regular length movie. It’s a great movie, though, and Garbo does a phenomenal job with Anna. She portrays the motherly side of Anna better than I’ve seen in any other movie adaption of this story. I definitely recommend it.

This outfit and all the rest of Alana’s costumes, as well as the doll herself, can be found on her page. It looks like I have some more modern clothes for her and for Carmella coming up.

New Paper Doll Outfit – Nan

Obviously, I’ve been reading through the Felicity series recently. Since I’d already done one of Felicity’s dresses, I decided to give Carmella an outfit from one of the other characters. This particular dress and cap are from Nan, Felicity’s little sister. She pretty much wears this same outfit in a variety of different solid colors throughout the series. Considering how varied the designs for Felicity’s outfits are, it’s a bit surprising how very boring and cookie-cutter all of the other female character’s outfits are. This outfit is remarkably similar to nearly all of Mrs. Merriman’s outfits and Felicity’s teacher’s outfits and Elizabeth and Annabelle’s costumes, too. And few of them ever wear patterns or anything – all solid colors. It’s very odd. Still, it makes a cute outfit for Carmella just as it made a cute outfit for Nan in the book.

The full sized version of this dress and all the rest of Carmella’s outfits are available on her page along with the doll herself. She’ll get some more normal and more modern outfits too, I promise!