New Paper Doll Outfit – Nan

Obviously, I’ve been reading through the Felicity series recently. Since I’d already done one of Felicity’s dresses, I decided to give Carmella an outfit from one of the other characters. This particular dress and cap are from Nan, Felicity’s little sister. She pretty much wears this same outfit in a variety of different solid colors throughout the series. Considering how varied the designs for Felicity’s outfits are, it’s a bit surprising how very boring and cookie-cutter all of the other female character’s outfits are. This outfit is remarkably similar to nearly all of Mrs. Merriman’s outfits and Felicity’s teacher’s outfits and Elizabeth and Annabelle’s costumes, too. And few of them ever wear patterns or anything – all solid colors. It’s very odd. Still, it makes a cute outfit for Carmella just as it made a cute outfit for Nan in the book.

The full sized version of this dress and all the rest of Carmella’s outfits are available on her page along with the doll herself. She’ll get some more normal and more modern outfits too, I promise!

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