New Paper Doll Outfit – Anna Karenina

This is another outfit for Alana and this is her first hat! She’s had some tiaras and a mask before, but no hats. This dress is from the ending scene in the train station of the 1935 movie version of Anna Karenina starring Greta Garbo. It appears to have been made of a dark velvet in the movie (black or dark green would be my guess, but it’s a black and white movie, so it’s hard to be sure). I really liked the details on the costumes in this movie (like the decorative motifs on the jacket here, which were much prettier and more complicated on the real thing). The movie cut out some of my favorite parts of the book, but it’s such a massive story that they’d have to cut out a lot to make it into a regular length movie. It’s a great movie, though, and Garbo does a phenomenal job with Anna. She portrays the motherly side of Anna better than I’ve seen in any other movie adaption of this story. I definitely recommend it.

This outfit and all the rest of Alana’s costumes, as well as the doll herself, can be found on her page. It looks like I have some more modern clothes for her and for Carmella coming up.

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