New Paper Doll Outfit – Bigby Wolf

This outfit has quite possibly the strangest story yet. It’s from the comic book Fables, which stars the characters of all the classic European fairy tales and then whatever other characters from fiction the authors and illustrators feel like pulling in. One of the main characters is the Big Bad Wolf, called Bigby. He’s the sheriff in Fabletown, very gruff, usually scruffy, and totally in love with Snow White. He’s not girly in ANY WAY. And then a story comes along where someone starts magically transforming him into weird things, like a pink elephant and a monkey. The final thing he’s turned into is an adorable little girl with blonde ringlets. To say he’s not happy would be a vast understatement. I liked the cute pink dress he was wearing in this transformation, though, so I decided to draw it for Carmella. So here is Bigby Wolf’s outfit from when he was (briefly) an adorable little girl!

Carmella and the full sized versions of all of her outfits (including this one) can be found on her page. She’s going to get some sets of play clothes next before we go back to outfits for Serena.

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