New Paper Doll Outfit: Lois Lane

Today I’m adding to Alana’s collection of comic book themed outfits with a costume from Superman: The Animated Series worn by Lois Lane. I was never a big fan of Superman himself, but I’ve always loved Lois. She was such a great character – the woman reporter who had worked her way to one of the best assignments around and was damn good at it. She had no fear and would go to serious lengths to get a story. She always reminded me a little bit of Nancy Drew (another favorite of mine). I always figured she originally fell for Superman because he was a great mystery and a great story, but I also always figured that any reporter as good as Lois just had to have figured out who he was pretty quickly. I mean, come on, she’s toppled kingpins and exposed the dirty laundry of pillars of the community. How could a pair of glasses and a swipe of a comb fool her for long? My favorite semi-recent Lois story was actually in a very early issue of Birds of Prey where she ran into Black Canary in a factory while she was trying to uncover the story and Canary was trying to shut it down. They worked together and had some great “dating superheroes is often a nightmare” conversations, without ever revealing each other’s secrets. It was brilliantly written (Chuck Dixon, if I’m remembering correctly), and no Superman in sight. Anyway, this is her standard reporter outfit from the animated show. The jacket was sometimes red and sometimes violet, and the skirt was usually white (although I think I remember it being black once or twice). The shoes were always the color of the jacket. Lois could coordinate.

The full sized versions of all of Alana’s outfits, including this one, can be found on her page along with the doll herself. She has more modern clothes coming up for a while.

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