New Paper Doll Outfit: Susie Derkins

I recently read through the Calvin and Hobbes collection Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons again and it made me really want to let Carmella dress up as Susie Derkins. I love the freedom of imagination that both Calvin and Susie have in these comics. They both dip in and out of a variety of genres and storylines pretty much at will. Obviously, since we’re looking over Calvin’s shoulder most of the time, we get to see far more of his fantasies, but there are a lot of hits and glimpses of Susie’s as well. I also love that as bratty and troublesome as Calvin can be when he wants to be, Susie is always written as every bit a match for him – she can not only keep up with his trouble, but often get the better of him! Anyway, I love Susie. Calvin and Hobbes is a brilliant comic, but I think it would have been less brilliant without Susie around to be a friend and an opponent for Calvin.

Full sized versions of Carmella’s outfits can all be found on her page, as well as the doll herself. She’s got some more modern clothes coming before we get back to Serena, who’s going to get some fairy tale gowns!

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