New Paper Doll Outfit: Mary Ann

Today I have a new outfit for Serena. She hasn’t had very many modern outfits. Mostly she’s had fancy dresses and fantasy clothing so far. So it’s kind of nice that this is pretty much just regular clothing. It’s from the movie The Baby Sitter’s Club, which isn’t very good, but was based on a series that I and it seems that most girls who grew up when I did read. Strangely, the movie was made pretty well after the height of the series’ popularity, although it is definitely still being read today. The books have been out of print for quite some time now, though. There is a new version of the early books currently in print in graphic novel form and they’re pretty good, but they do not enjoy the kind of crazy popularity the original series did. Sadly, the movie totally failed at replicating the charm of the girls and their friendship from the books. Mary Ann was always my favorite in the series, which should come as no real surprise, since she was kind of the book nerd of the group. She was quiet and loyal and smart. This is why her outfit is kind of preppy, I guess, while everyone else was in either psudo-sloppy (this movie did sloppy really badly) or much hipper clothes. But I thought it was kind of a cute outfit anyway, so Serena gets to add it to her wardrobe. Hopefully it won’t get lost among all the long gowns in her closet!

Serena and all of her outfits can be found on her page. She’s got more fairy tale princess gowns coming up. Hopefully I’ll have more modern clothes for her later, but it won’t be for a while. Princess gowns are just more fun to draw!

New Paper Doll Outfit: Beauty

Since Serena got a fairy tale outfit yesterday, It makes sense that Alana would get one today. Hers is a little different, though. Instead of being from the fairy tale itself, it’s from the comic book Fables, which is set in the modern day mundane world. So this is what Beauty, from Beauty and the Beast, wears in one issue of Fables. Beauty is happily married to Beast at this point and they have jobs and everything. I don’t remember much about the issue this dress came from (I mostly chose it because I liked the dress), but I know they were up at the Farm (a place in upstate New York where most of the Fables who can’t pass for normal humans live). This dress was pink. I like the Snow White shoes, they’re cute. This is a much sweeter outfit than Beauty typically wears, though. She’s usually in business suits.

This dress and the rest of Alana’s very eclectic wardrobe can be found on her page. She’s got another modern outfit worn by a fairy tale character from Fables coming up next!

New Paper Doll Outfit: The Princess from The Frog Prince

I’ve been watching through Faerie Tale Theatre lately (thanks Brian and Kathleen!) and I’ve been drawing some of the costumes for my paper dolls as I watch. This means lots of princess dresses. This is the first and it’s for Serena. Most fairy tale princesses seem to be in their teens when exciting things happen to them (sixteenth birthdays seem to be a common time for things like curses to take hold and for magic mirrors to suddenly decide the princess is more beautiful than her stepmother). This dress is the gown worn by the princess in the episode that retold “The Frog Prince”. I considered putting the golden ball in her hand, since it’s posed just right for such a thing, but the ball is huge in this version (basketball sized), so it just looked too strange and blocked too much of the dress. I was never a big fan of this particular fairy tale princess. She’s rather a brat and since I actually kind of like the frog, I always felt bad for him having to be stuck with her. He totally deserved better.

This dress and the rest of Serena’s outfits can be found on her page. She’s got a modern outfit next, and then more fairy tale princess dresses.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Bridget Jones

This is a dress from near the end of the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. It’s from the Darcy’s Ruby Wedding Party scene. It’s a really simple black dress, but it’s very typical of the kinds of things Bridget wore throughout the film. She had quite a few more revealing outfits for work as well, but it seems that this simple, fairly casual style is more what she wears for hanging out with friends, family affairs (when her mother doesn’t choose something for her) and other non-pajama occasions. I did consider drawing her other little black dress from the film (the one she wears to the book launch party), but I like this one better, it’s a more flattering neckline. I really like this movie. It’s just the right amount of silly and serious. It’s also one of the best modernizations of a Jane Austen story that I’ve seen (although, as annoying as the girls are in Clueless, that’s also a pretty good modern adaption of one of her stories!). I think it’s entertaining that the author of the book wrote her Mr. Darcy with Colin Firth’s portrayal of him in mind and then they got him to play her version in the movie. Of course, how do you turn that down?

Anyhow, as always, Alana and all of her outfits can be found on her page. It looks like Alana has some more modern outfits coming up and then something completely different, but next up is a fairy tale princess dress for Serena.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Ophelia

It’s a new dress for Serena! This is a costume from a 1990 production of Hamlet starring Kevin Kline. It was worn for most of the play by Ophelia (until she went mad) and was lavender. The top was a large floral patterned lace while the bottom was a swingy skirt. It was a pretty dress and worked well for Ophelia. The actress playing her did an excellent job as well. Sadly, the production was pretty forgettable. I thought that Polonius was excellent and Hamlet was pretty good, but the king and queen were completely unremarkable. I was extremely disappointed in Claudius. He’s my favorite character (and the one I played), so when he’s so boring that even I’m not interested it’s pretty discouraging to me. Still, there were some excellent performances in this production and they used their fairly bare performance space extremely creatively. And obviously I liked Ophelia’s dress!

Serena and all of her outfits can be found on her page. She’ll have more dresses coming up soon! I’m sorry she’s been neglected for a while, but I’ll make it up to her with some pretty gowns.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Detective Beckett

One of my favorite current shows is Castle. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s about a mystery writer who pulls some strings and gets to work with the police to research a new book. The writer, Richard Castle, is played by Nathan Fillian of Firefly fame. He’s absolutely fantastic in the show, but one of the biggest draws for me was the great character he’s paired with. Castle is assigned to work with a homicide detective named Kate Beckett. She’s smart, funny and more than holds her own against the sometimes overpowering Castle. The show is full of great characters (Castle’s mother and daughter are particular awesome), but I really think it’s Beckett that made me love the show. The writing, which wouldn’t work for some actors, is great for the cast they have and absolutely a joy to watch. I highly recommend this show (if you can’t tell). This is a pretty typical outfit for Beckett. This particular jacket was red and the pants were black, but the basic look is frequently repeated in different palettes.

This and all of Alana’s other outfits can be found with the doll herself on her page. She’s got more modern clothes to come before we get to some gowns.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Michelle Carter

This is another modern outfit for Carmella. It’s from the book The Secret Ghost, which is the third in a series called Manga Math Mysteries by Melinda Thielbar. This book was illustrated by Yuko Ota and the outfit is from the illustrations of Michelle Carter in her riding class clothes. The series is cute and does a good job of weaving math into good mystery stories. It manages to not feel overly didactic when that would have been an easy trap to fall into. Michelle is one of the main characters’ little sister and this particular story has the kids helping her figure out what the scary ghost sounds she can hear in her room are. While Michelle was one of my favorite characters from the book, I mostly decided to draw this outfit because I thought that it was particularly cute.

Carmella’s outfits can all be found on her page along with the doll herself. I’m going to start posting outfits for Serena soon, so this is the last Carmella outfit for a while. I’ll get back to her in a bit, though, I promise!