New Paper Doll Outfit: Ophelia

It’s a new dress for Serena! This is a costume from a 1990 production of Hamlet starring Kevin Kline. It was worn for most of the play by Ophelia (until she went mad) and was lavender. The top was a large floral patterned lace while the bottom was a swingy skirt. It was a pretty dress and worked well for Ophelia. The actress playing her did an excellent job as well. Sadly, the production was pretty forgettable. I thought that Polonius was excellent and Hamlet was pretty good, but the king and queen were completely unremarkable. I was extremely disappointed in Claudius. He’s my favorite character (and the one I played), so when he’s so boring that even I’m not interested it’s pretty discouraging to me. Still, there were some excellent performances in this production and they used their fairly bare performance space extremely creatively. And obviously I liked Ophelia’s dress!

Serena and all of her outfits can be found on her page. She’ll have more dresses coming up soon! I’m sorry she’s been neglected for a while, but I’ll make it up to her with some pretty gowns.

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