New Paper Doll Outfit: Bridget Jones

This is a dress from near the end of the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. It’s from the Darcy’s Ruby Wedding Party scene. It’s a really simple black dress, but it’s very typical of the kinds of things Bridget wore throughout the film. She had quite a few more revealing outfits for work as well, but it seems that this simple, fairly casual style is more what she wears for hanging out with friends, family affairs (when her mother doesn’t choose something for her) and other non-pajama occasions. I did consider drawing her other little black dress from the film (the one she wears to the book launch party), but I like this one better, it’s a more flattering neckline. I really like this movie. It’s just the right amount of silly and serious. It’s also one of the best modernizations of a Jane Austen story that I’ve seen (although, as annoying as the girls are in Clueless, that’s also a pretty good modern adaption of one of her stories!). I think it’s entertaining that the author of the book wrote her Mr. Darcy with Colin Firth’s portrayal of him in mind and then they got him to play her version in the movie. Of course, how do you turn that down?

Anyhow, as always, Alana and all of her outfits can be found on her page. It looks like Alana has some more modern outfits coming up and then something completely different, but next up is a fairy tale princess dress for Serena.

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