New Paper Doll Outfit: The Princess from The Frog Prince

I’ve been watching through Faerie Tale Theatre lately (thanks Brian and Kathleen!) and I’ve been drawing some of the costumes for my paper dolls as I watch. This means lots of princess dresses. This is the first and it’s for Serena. Most fairy tale princesses seem to be in their teens when exciting things happen to them (sixteenth birthdays seem to be a common time for things like curses to take hold and for magic mirrors to suddenly decide the princess is more beautiful than her stepmother). This dress is the gown worn by the princess in the episode that retold “The Frog Prince”. I considered putting the golden ball in her hand, since it’s posed just right for such a thing, but the ball is huge in this version (basketball sized), so it just looked too strange and blocked too much of the dress. I was never a big fan of this particular fairy tale princess. She’s rather a brat and since I actually kind of like the frog, I always felt bad for him having to be stuck with her. He totally deserved better.

This dress and the rest of Serena’s outfits can be found on her page. She’s got a modern outfit next, and then more fairy tale princess dresses.

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