New Paper Doll Outfit: Beauty

Since Serena got a fairy tale outfit yesterday, It makes sense that Alana would get one today. Hers is a little different, though. Instead of being from the fairy tale itself, it’s from the comic book Fables, which is set in the modern day mundane world. So this is what Beauty, from Beauty and the Beast, wears in one issue of Fables. Beauty is happily married to Beast at this point and they have jobs and everything. I don’t remember much about the issue this dress came from (I mostly chose it because I liked the dress), but I know they were up at the Farm (a place in upstate New York where most of the Fables who can’t pass for normal humans live). This dress was pink. I like the Snow White shoes, they’re cute. This is a much sweeter outfit than Beauty typically wears, though. She’s usually in business suits.

This dress and the rest of Alana’s very eclectic wardrobe can be found on her page. She’s got another modern outfit worn by a fairy tale character from Fables coming up next!

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