New Paper Doll Outfit: Mary Ann

Today I have a new outfit for Serena. She hasn’t had very many modern outfits. Mostly she’s had fancy dresses and fantasy clothing so far. So it’s kind of nice that this is pretty much just regular clothing. It’s from the movie The Baby Sitter’s Club, which isn’t very good, but was based on a series that I and it seems that most girls who grew up when I did read. Strangely, the movie was made pretty well after the height of the series’ popularity, although it is definitely still being read today. The books have been out of print for quite some time now, though. There is a new version of the early books currently in print in graphic novel form and they’re pretty good, but they do not enjoy the kind of crazy popularity the original series did. Sadly, the movie totally failed at replicating the charm of the girls and their friendship from the books. Mary Ann was always my favorite in the series, which should come as no real surprise, since she was kind of the book nerd of the group. She was quiet and loyal and smart. This is why her outfit is kind of preppy, I guess, while everyone else was in either psudo-sloppy (this movie did sloppy really badly) or much hipper clothes. But I thought it was kind of a cute outfit anyway, so Serena gets to add it to her wardrobe. Hopefully it won’t get lost among all the long gowns in her closet!

Serena and all of her outfits can be found on her page. She’s got more fairy tale princess gowns coming up. Hopefully I’ll have more modern clothes for her later, but it won’t be for a while. Princess gowns are just more fun to draw!

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