New Paper Doll Outfit: Gretel

I finally have a new outfit for Carmella! This is yet another costume from Faerie Tale Theatre. This time Carmella gets the really adorable German-inspired Gretel costume from “Hansel and Gretel”. I enjoyed this particular retelling of “Hansel and Gretel”, although I’d love to see someone include the journey back in a movie or television adaption of the story sometime. If you read the story as the Grimm Brothers retold it, there is a whole extra leg to the journey at the end where the kids return home. Gretel basically does everything – she get animals to help them and she finds their way. Hansel’s only plan was the bread-crumbs and we all know how well that worked out. But his clever sister saves them and gets them home to their loving father. For some reason, the story is always sort of cut off after the witch dies. I love this return journey, though. It’s probably my favorite part of the story! Oh well.

This dress and Carmella’s other outfits can all be found on her page along with the doll herself. Carmella and Serena each only have a few outfits left (Alana has quite a few). I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to draw more for them or if I’m going to leave their wardrobes as they are and move on to a new doll or two. Does anyone else have any preferences?

New Paper Doll Outfit: Santa Girl

I realize it’s way past Christmas, but sometimes that’s how it goes with art. This is a costume that I noticed from a really awful movie I watched on Netflix streaming while I wasn’t feeling good called Bernard and the Genie. It’s really a particularly dreadful movie and I absolutely DO NOT recommend it. But there was a girl in it who was the Santa’s assistant (moving the kids through the line and such) for one of those Santas you can go visit where kids stand in line and tell him what they want and get a candy cane. Normally in movies the girls in that particular job (and it’s always girls, for some reason) are dressed in elf costumes, but for some reason this one was in this Santa outfit. I liked it because it was sort of a classier take on the “sexy Santa” idea, with the high boots and fitted jacket. I actually really like this design, whereas I usually find most “sexy Santa” outfits to be incredibly trashy. It stuck with me and I liked it enough to draw it for Alana. Even paper dolls need some holiday fun, after all!

This outfit can be found on Alana’s page along with the doll herself and all the rest of her incredibly random wardrobe. I’m thinking of starting a new doll soon with a definite theme, since these three are kind of random. I may continue them as well (at least for a little while), but this way I’d have something new to work on as well.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Little Red Riding Hood

This is yet another Faerie Tale Theatre costume for Serena. This one is from Little Red Riding Hood. Her name was Mary in the episode and she was a very appealing character. She was kind of naive, as Red Riding Hoods usually are, but it made sense because her parents were super overprotective and not very bright. I loved her grandmother, though. I almost drew one of the grandmother’s dresses for Alana instead of Red Riding Hood herself because she was so entertaining, but for this story you just have to have the title character. For the paper doll outfit you need to cut out the area inside the hood so that you can see Serena’s face. The original dress was dark yellow and, of course, the cape is supposed to be bright, cherry red.

All of Serena’s costumes can be found with the doll herself on her page. She’s got a more modern outfit coming up and then I’ve got something for Carmella, who has been somewhat neglected for a while.

New Paper Doll Costume: Liz Lemon

My husband and I have been watching 30 Rock lately and so I decided to draw one of Liz Lemon’s outfits for Alana. I can’t remember what episode this outfit is from, but I think it was the one with the flu vaccines. The top is black and floaty and looked really cute. The pants are jeans and she’s wearing what appear to be ankle boots under them. I’ve been really enjoying this show. There’s just enough plot around the craziness to hold it all together and keep it from being too silly. I don’t like most of the characters, but I don’t think that I’m supposed to like them. I do like Liz, even if I don’t always like what she does or says. She’s stupid sometimes, but she’s fun to watch and the barely controlled chaos around her is entertaining. I also like that they get what it’s like to deal with the drama of backstage sometimes. I especially enjoy it when we get to see the crew and hear what’s going on with them!

This outfit and the rest of Alana’s wardrobe can all be found along with the doll herself on her page. She’s got more modern clothing coming up for a little while yet.

New Paper Doll Outfit: Beauty

Today I have a version of Beauty from Sleeping Beauty. This is from Faerie Tale Theatre’s telling of the story. It was a beautiful dress in the show and I’m actually really proud of the drawing, but I don’t feel like the scan really does it justice. This might be partially because the puppy decided to sniff it just before I scanned it and while I didn’t see anything on the paper, the scanner evidently did, and I had to remove a large smear right through the middle! This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the show, though, because it was so interestingly framed. It had the story of the princess being told by a woodcutter to the prince who would eventually rescue her and his squire. The prince tells his own story as well, which we don’t normally get to hear, and then decides to go off and save the beautiful sleeping princess (because he’s hopelessly noble and kind of reckless that way, according to his squire). The prince is played by Christopher Reeve, who does a great job portraying the noble prince unable to suspect anyone of wrongdoing and ever willing to help the helpless and charge into danger. The princess is played by Bernadette Peters, who does a beautiful job showing a princess who wants more than to be married off to whatever guy is handy. It was a great retelling of what is essentially a pretty basic tale.

Serena’s wardrobe, as well as the doll herself, can all be found on her page. She has another fairy tale outfit coming up next and then she should get a much needed modern outfit!

New Paper Doll Outfit: Queen Elizabeth I

This is one of the gowns worn by Queen Elizabeth I in the miniseries Elizabeth R. She wore it in a number of scenes as a gown for sort of everyday court business. Not fancy court presentations, but conducting business with her ministers and overseeing the day-to-day goings on at court. The gown was deep green with cream, gold and very few black accents. I think that perhaps the overdress folded back more in the center near the bottom, but there were almost no chances to get much of a glimpse of that part, so I kind of had to guess. This gown took forever to draw, but I’m quite pleased with the result. Sadly, some of the detail was lost or muddled by the scanner, but I still think that you can see it fairly well. This is easily the most elaborate costume I’ve done for any of this current series of paper dolls up to this point. It was fun to do, though, and reminded me that it might be fun to do more historical costumes than I have got for them so far.

Alana and all of her gowns and other outfits can be found on her page. She has some more modern outfits coming up.

New Paper Doll Outfit – Rapunzel

This is another princess from Faerie Tale Theatre. This time it’s the beautiful maiden in the tower, Rapunzel. This dress was originally a shade of brown that washed out many of the details, so I kind of like it better as a line drawing like this! I’m especially proud of the lace collar on this one. Usually I think my lace ends up looking messy, which is frustrating, since I like lace when it’s used to good effect. I have no idea why there were butterflies on this dress, but I kind of like the imagery. Rapunzel might have embroidered winged creatures on her gowns because she wanted to fly free of her tower prison like they could. Or they could have been there because the low-budget show was borrowing a dress from somewhere. Who knows? I really have no idea if the costumes for this show were made for it or found or borrowed, but I’m impressed with the costumer however they were acquired. They were usually pretty good.

Serena and all of her outfits can be found on her page, which is starting to look pretty good. She had such a pitifully small collection for a while that I felt bad for her, but it’s getting bigger. She’s got more fairy tale costumes coming up!

New Paper Doll Outfit: Snow White

This is another interpretation of a fairy tale character from the Fables world. This is Snow White. Snow is not the helpless princess in Fables, she’s a very intelligent woman and is basically running Fabletown at the beginning of the series. While we see her in suits and tailored dresses a lot, I liked this outfit because it felt particularly characteristic of her. Very tailored and sharp, but with a little edge of roughness to it. She wears it in Jack of Fables (a tie-in series) when traveling and trying to stop a major crisis. If there’s a major crisis, Snow is usually one of the people in the middle trying to stop it. She’s very hands-on that way. The jacket was red, the sweater under it was white and the pants were black – a typical color palette for Snow White’s outfits.

Alana and all of her outfits are on her page. She’s amassing quite a wardrobe, although it’s not exactly a typical one by any means. Since her next outfit is one of the costumes I’m most proud of so far, I’m not going to tell you what it is ahead of time!