New Paper Doll Outfit: Beauty

Today I have a version of Beauty from Sleeping Beauty. This is from Faerie Tale Theatre’s telling of the story. It was a beautiful dress in the show and I’m actually really proud of the drawing, but I don’t feel like the scan really does it justice. This might be partially because the puppy decided to sniff it just before I scanned it and while I didn’t see anything on the paper, the scanner evidently did, and I had to remove a large smear right through the middle! This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the show, though, because it was so interestingly framed. It had the story of the princess being told by a woodcutter to the prince who would eventually rescue her and his squire. The prince tells his own story as well, which we don’t normally get to hear, and then decides to go off and save the beautiful sleeping princess (because he’s hopelessly noble and kind of reckless that way, according to his squire). The prince is played by Christopher Reeve, who does a great job portraying the noble prince unable to suspect anyone of wrongdoing and ever willing to help the helpless and charge into danger. The princess is played by Bernadette Peters, who does a beautiful job showing a princess who wants more than to be married off to whatever guy is handy. It was a great retelling of what is essentially a pretty basic tale.

Serena’s wardrobe, as well as the doll herself, can all be found on her page. She has another fairy tale outfit coming up next and then she should get a much needed modern outfit!

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