New Paper Doll Costume: Liz Lemon

My husband and I have been watching 30 Rock lately and so I decided to draw one of Liz Lemon’s outfits for Alana. I can’t remember what episode this outfit is from, but I think it was the one with the flu vaccines. The top is black and floaty and looked really cute. The pants are jeans and she’s wearing what appear to be ankle boots under them. I’ve been really enjoying this show. There’s just enough plot around the craziness to hold it all together and keep it from being too silly. I don’t like most of the characters, but I don’t think that I’m supposed to like them. I do like Liz, even if I don’t always like what she does or says. She’s stupid sometimes, but she’s fun to watch and the barely controlled chaos around her is entertaining. I also like that they get what it’s like to deal with the drama of backstage sometimes. I especially enjoy it when we get to see the crew and hear what’s going on with them!

This outfit and the rest of Alana’s wardrobe can all be found along with the doll herself on her page. She’s got more modern clothing coming up for a little while yet.

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