New Paper Doll Outfit: Little Red Riding Hood

This is yet another Faerie Tale Theatre costume for Serena. This one is from Little Red Riding Hood. Her name was Mary in the episode and she was a very appealing character. She was kind of naive, as Red Riding Hoods usually are, but it made sense because her parents were super overprotective and not very bright. I loved her grandmother, though. I almost drew one of the grandmother’s dresses for Alana instead of Red Riding Hood herself because she was so entertaining, but for this story you just have to have the title character. For the paper doll outfit you need to cut out the area inside the hood so that you can see Serena’s face. The original dress was dark yellow and, of course, the cape is supposed to be bright, cherry red.

All of Serena’s costumes can be found with the doll herself on her page. She’s got a more modern outfit coming up and then I’ve got something for Carmella, who has been somewhat neglected for a while.

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