New Paper Doll Outfit: Santa Girl

I realize it’s way past Christmas, but sometimes that’s how it goes with art. This is a costume that I noticed from a really awful movie I watched on Netflix streaming while I wasn’t feeling good called Bernard and the Genie. It’s really a particularly dreadful movie and I absolutely DO NOT recommend it. But there was a girl in it who was the Santa’s assistant (moving the kids through the line and such) for one of those Santas you can go visit where kids stand in line and tell him what they want and get a candy cane. Normally in movies the girls in that particular job (and it’s always girls, for some reason) are dressed in elf costumes, but for some reason this one was in this Santa outfit. I liked it because it was sort of a classier take on the “sexy Santa” idea, with the high boots and fitted jacket. I actually really like this design, whereas I usually find most “sexy Santa” outfits to be incredibly trashy. It stuck with me and I liked it enough to draw it for Alana. Even paper dolls need some holiday fun, after all!

This outfit can be found on Alana’s page along with the doll herself and all the rest of her incredibly random wardrobe. I’m thinking of starting a new doll soon with a definite theme, since these three are kind of random. I may continue them as well (at least for a little while), but this way I’d have something new to work on as well.

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