New Paper Doll Outfit: Gretel

I finally have a new outfit for Carmella! This is yet another costume from Faerie Tale Theatre. This time Carmella gets the really adorable German-inspired Gretel costume from “Hansel and Gretel”. I enjoyed this particular retelling of “Hansel and Gretel”, although I’d love to see someone include the journey back in a movie or television adaption of the story sometime. If you read the story as the Grimm Brothers retold it, there is a whole extra leg to the journey at the end where the kids return home. Gretel basically does everything – she get animals to help them and she finds their way. Hansel’s only plan was the bread-crumbs and we all know how well that worked out. But his clever sister saves them and gets them home to their loving father. For some reason, the story is always sort of cut off after the witch dies. I love this return journey, though. It’s probably my favorite part of the story! Oh well.

This dress and Carmella’s other outfits can all be found on her page along with the doll herself. Carmella and Serena each only have a few outfits left (Alana has quite a few). I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to draw more for them or if I’m going to leave their wardrobes as they are and move on to a new doll or two. Does anyone else have any preferences?

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