New Paper Doll Outfit: Fahrenheit

This is the superhero costume for a hero called Fahrenheit (hint: flame powers!) from a comic called Stormwatch: Post Human Division. The few issues of the comic I read were pretty dreadful and I really don’t recommend them. There’s little internal consistency and everything feels really gimmicky, all wrapped up in mediocre writing and highly variable art. So why did I draw this costume? I was in the mood to draw shoulder armor. I considered some World of Warcraft armor, but in general the girl armor in all the promo art is too not-covering for my tastes (the armor in the actual game suffers from this problem a little, but not *nearly* as badly as the promo art would suggest). See, if I’m going to be getting attacked by things with swords and axes (or even just claws and teeth), I don’t want my tummy, breasts, arms and legs essentially naked. That’s just *asking* for them to be stabbed or chopped off, no matter how shiny the shoulder plates above them are. I’ve discussed this issue pretty extensively before. Anyway, so I went looking for shoulder plates and remembered this costume. It’s a little different and was kind of fun to draw, even if I don’t really remember anything about the woman wearing it other than that her powers were somehow fire-based and she was way too melodramatic.

Alana’s entire wardrobe can be found with the lovely lady herself on her page. She’s got some modern clothes coming up. She actually has quite a few costumes left, while Selena and Carmella don’t. I haven’t decided if I should draw more for the two of them to help them catch up a little or if I should move on to something else and just finish these three out with what they’ve already got. Anyone have any preferences? I do have some ideas for some new dolls, but these ones are fun too.

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