New Paper Doll Outfit: Molly

This outfit is from the comic Runaways, which is one of the very few Marvel comics that I enjoy, and belongs to Molly. Being the youngest in the group by a few years, Molly’s sense of fashion is usually pretty far different from everyone else’s. I love how much fun her outfits are, though. They’re always colorful and happy, even if she isn’t always so cheerful. Molly is the metahuman in the group (think X-Men kind of metahuman). She may look small, but she has metahuman strength and can beat up just about anyone they face, and take the hits to match (that part makes her grumpy, though). She hates being petted and sheltered, although she’s used to it happening, since her (evil) parents treated her that way and her companions have a tendency to it sometimes as well. But she’s got spirit and spunk and tops it off with fun hats that often have bunny ears, so what’s not to love? Besides, she has way less drama than everyone else! I thought Carmella was lacking a superheroine costume, considering her friends both have several, and Molly seemed like an obvious choice!

Carmella and her wardrobe can be found on her page. She and Serena each have one outfit left and then I think I’ll move on to something else! Alana has quite a few outfits remaining, so she’ll be getting updates for a while.

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