New Paper Doll Outfit: Jessica Fletcher

The magic of Netflix streaming videos means that I’ve been watching a lot of random television shows and movies lately while I sew and work on various projects (movies make the tedious parts of costuming go so much faster). One of the shows I’ve been watching bits and pieces of is Murder, She Wrote, which I watched all the time with my mom and grandmother when I was a kid. In many ways it has actually held up surprisingly well. In some ways it has not, but few shows don’t have that problem. I decided one day to draw one of Jessica Fletcher’s characteristic suits for Alana. This one came from a pretty typical episode where Mrs. Fletcher is visiting the ostentatious mansion of one of her many, many random famous/rich friends while all of their family is gathered together and someone is murdered. Jessica helpfully solves the mystery for the rather bumbling local sheriff and his assistant who are ready to accuse everyone in the house and they prove she’s right by setting a trap for the killer (why did they always set a trap and how did that not backfire on her even once?). Like I said, it was a pretty typical episode!

Alana’s wardrobe has gotten pretty varied, but she still has quite a few outfits to add to it! You can find her and all of her clothing on her page.

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