New Paper Doll Outfit: Goldilocks

This is Carmella’s very last outfit! It’s Goldilocks from Faerie Tale Theatre. I liked this costume a lot, actually, because it is so simple. Goldilocks is romping through the woods in her story and climbs all over furniture and all sorts of things, and yet we always see her in frilly dresses completely not suited to such play. This feels like a play outfit, an outfit that’s maybe not supposed to get muddy, but one that it’s not going to be a big deal if it does either. Just because a girl has golden curls doesn’t mean she’s a pretty, lacy porcelain doll. I mean, think about all the trouble that little girl gets into! She walks into someone else’s house, eats their food, breaks their furniture and sleeps in their beds! This is not exactly a well-mannered little girl. She might have some kind of excuse for the food part if she was starving, but we always see a plump, rosy little princess in pink frills! I liked this blue outfit made for running and playing much better. It fits with a little girl who isn’t so good behaving and is playing outside when the trouble happens.

Carmella and her entire wardrobe can be found on her page. She is now as complete as I currently intend to make her, although I reserve the right to return to her and draw her more clothes at some point if I feel like it again. I’ve got a new doll with a whole new theme to start sharing here next week!

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