New Paper Doll Outfit: Lady Macbeth

Today Alana gets to be a much darker character than usual. Although the version of Macbeth that this costume is from is probably the worst I’ve ever seen, I like the costume. It is simple almost to the point of being stark, which sort of makes the heavy crown stand out all the more. And that seems very appropriate for the woman who was willing to do anything to be queen. This gown was dark, wine red in the movie with a red-toned brown overdress and heavy gold accents (belt, chain and crown). The actress (or maybe the director, or both) was dreadful, but the costume seemed perfect. Lady Macbeth is actually not one of the characters that I ever really wanted to play, although she is undoubtedly an amazing one. I was always more drawn to other characters in that play – Macduff, who loses his family, Banquo, who is murdered for no real reason, and the witches, who are clearly acting for some purpose, but who knows what it might be? I actually did play one of the witches, which was fun, along with quite a few other small roles (a murderer, Banquo’s son Fleance, the doctor attending Lady Macbeth, etc.).

Alana’s wardrobe can be found on her page. I’ll be starting a new doll next!

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