The Story of a Season

I have no idea why I have another Christmas story today, but I guess it simply works out that way sometimes!

My second favorite Christmas story is Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. It’s been retold probably thousands of times in hundreds of ways, so chances are you know the story already. If you don’t know it, please look it up. My favorite version (and one of the most accurate movie versions, interestingly enough) is A Muppet Christmas Carol, but there are tons of great versions out there. Even My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic recently did a good adaptation of the story.

The reason that I love this particular tale is that it’s all about the power of stories. The tool that the ghosts use to show Scrooge that Christmas is worthwhile is stories – about his own past and where his issues with the holiday came from, about the value it has for the people around him, and about what may happen in the future if he continues to miss the values that the holiday celebrates. Stories are powerful things and they make a big impression on Scrooge, as they do on the reader or watcher as well. They show us the world in new ways and ourselves in old ways we may have forgotten. Stories show our hopes, dreams, and fears. Stories let us grow and change. And those are the things that holiday celebrations with loved ones are all about.

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