Fiction: Hans Christian Andersen

The Nightengale

Hans Christian Andersen
Translator: Eva Le Gallienne
Illustrator: Nancy Ekholm Burkert

I love this story. It is so beautifully constructed. It has funny parts, poignantly sad parts, and wonderfully happy parts. The emperor is such a great character and I just love the little kitchen girl. This is a good translation. It is smooth, clear, and doesn�t lose the charm of the story.

The pictures in this book are wonderful! There are only small one-colour pictures on the pages with text, but between the two-page spreads of text are large beautiful full-colour picture two-page spreads. The pictures are wonderfully well done. The style is very reminiscent of Chinese art (they remind me of silk paintings) and the colours are soft, but beautifully done. They match the story wonderfully.

I very much recommend this picture book. It�s one of the best illustrated versions of this story I have ever seen and the children I read it to just adored it.