May 01, 2005

New Contest!

Yay! There is a new contest! The old contest is closed except for the few people who still have a week to get me their entries. It can now be found on the Past Contests page of the site. On to the new contest! This month I want to see people from Neverland! There are five types of people on Neverland: pirates, indians, mermaids, fairies and lost boys. Any of those types of people are fair game, but no major characters are allowed! Details can be found on the Current Contest page. Check it out! And of course, I have some example dolls! Here they are! A fairy, a lost boy, a mermaid and a pirate. I hope to have an indian up soon.

This last doll isn't a contest example, it was made for a challenge at Dolls of the Round Table.

Posted by Katie at May 1, 2005 05:50 PM
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