January 31, 2005

Finding Neverland

I saw the movie "Finding Neverland" the other night. It was really good. The characters were wonderfully well cast and well acted. I loved the costumes. The boy who played Peter was really good. And J. M. Barrie was perfect. I loved the movie. I highly recommend it!

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January 26, 2005

New Page!

There is a new page on PixiePalace.com! It is where I'm going to be keeping my Pixel dolls. Check it out!

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Three New Disney Dolls!

Three more dolls! Pocahontas and Nakoma, from Pocahontas and Cassandra from the Hercules cartoon.

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January 21, 2005

Cinderella Doll

More new pixel dolls! Cinderella from the Disney animated version of the story.

I'm going to make a page for them soon.


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January 15, 2005

Jasmine Pixel Dolls

I've been experimenting with pixel dolls again. Here are my latest results: two dolls of Jasmine from the Aladdin movies! The base is from Yume Studio

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