The Goose Girl: First Post (Relating)

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I’m having problems relating to the main character (Ani) in this book. It’s just proving hard to really care about her. I think a big part of the problem is that the book moves incredibly slowly. I’m halfway through the book and it feels like Ive been reading forever and will never get to the end. It’s not badly written, in fact it’s easy and enjoyable to read the writing, but there is so little actually happening that I finish reading a chunk and feel like nothing happened! The philosophical musings and speaking with animals and such are interesting aspects of the book, but it sort of feels like the story is getting side-tracked or something in the process. I’m very confused by the whole thing. And a little frustrated.


Speak: Sixth Post (Depression)

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Ok, now the adults in this book are really pissing me off. Especially Melinda’s mother. Her daughter is clearly not ok, she comes down late to breakfast with cut marks on her wrist and the woman lectures her about the selfishness of suicide without even asking about what’s going on! What kind of mother can claim she pays any attention and still do that? What kind of mother wouldn’t be worried about that? It’s very distressing.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Eighth Post (Final Thoughts)

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I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and well done. There was plenty of useful information along with anecdotes and cute quizes. All in all, the book was excellently designed and put together. Even the illustrations were appropriate in tone and design.


Speak: Fifth Post (Apathy)

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I really feel bad for Melinda. Whatever happened, it was bad. And her parents *don’t* know about it. She has no one to talk to (at least, she thinks she has no one to talk to) and her 14/15-year-old perspective makes it seem like the end of the world. The result is total apathy. It hurts too much to care. Her parents noticing that she has been drawing brings her to tears. I just feel so bad for her! At 15 everyone assumes that the apathy is a phase. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone that, for Melinda, it might not be. That really sucks. No wonder she put tape over her sculpture’s mouth!

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Seventh Post (Men)

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If men really think the way that books and media claim they do I’m very confused as to how they came to rule the world. I mean, I understand that men are more that capable of serious, creative thought, but books and other media seem pretty sure that upper brain function is pretty easily derailed. That just baffles me.

Speak: Fourth Post (Adults)

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Why do none of the adults in this story care about the hurt Melinda is dealing with? Do none of *them* know what happened? She still hasn’t said what happened at the party. I’m very curious. You’d think that the adults would see that something is wrong. I suppose they could be assuming that she’s just dealing with normal teenage crap, but they must know about the party. Why don’t they at least wonder? I just don’t get it. And yet, I can see it happening, which is very sad.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Sixth Post (Not Me)

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The more I read this the more I realize that I don’t get it. I’m just not the target audience. It’s still funny, but it’s not made for me!

Admittedly, I have little to say right now because I’m too busy being confused and scared by “The Ringers”.


Speak: Third Post (What Happened?)

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Ok, so now I know *what* she did. Now questions is *why* did she do it? Clearly this party was a very big deal, so why did she call the cops? What happened? The tree theme is still interesting. I like hearing what she thinks about as she works on the project. I am very interested in how this story progresses.

The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Sex: Fifth Post (Relating)

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This book is very interesting. It covers everything from different positions to break-up letters. I still find the definitions to be very funny. I can’t say that I relate to a lot of it though, and not just because of the lack of “Catholic Guilt”. I guess that when you marry your high school sweetheart you miss out on the single girl experience some (not that I would change it for the world). I’m still enjoying the book.

Speak: Second Post (Friends)

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I still want to know what Melinda did that was so awful. The descriptions of her “friends” are interesting and just make me wonder more. I like Heather, she’s interesting. I’m not sure I’d want a whole book about her, but she makes a good side character.

I love the art class concept. I wish one of my teachers had done that! I am interested to see what the rest of the book does with it. How are trees going to be important?

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