The Hidden Dragon: First Post (Boring Adults)

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This book isn’t bad. At least, not like some of the others in the series have been. Rather, it’s unexciting. Given that it’s supposed to be a “Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Novel”, being unexciting may be as detrimental as being bad. I’m half way through the book and it kind of feels like I’m just getting to the fun part after a lot of build-up. That said, the plot thus far has been fairly interesting and certainly shows potential.

My biggest issue so far has been one that popped up in several of the previous books – the “convenient” removal of the adults. Now, I fully appreciate the need for the adults to be out of the way enough to allow the kids to be true heroes, but there are limits of believability. Torin, the boys’ father, has had his head mucked with so many times that I have to wonder why anyone trusts him to be a rational human being at all anymore (and why everyone is always surprised his mind has been tampered with when it happens)! The sheer lameness of the explanation that some adult wasn’t around because he/she was sleeping is getting to be way past laughable. I know this can be done well because a few of the books have managed it, so why do so many fail so badly at it?