Persepolis: Fifth Post (History)

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This time the girl asked her grandmother about when her grandfather was in prison, but then refuses to hear some things, just like she did with God. I liked hearing about how she coped as well as how the girl’s father takes pictures of the revolution happening. It’s all really interesting.

Agnes Grey: Fourth Post (Love)

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Agnes has managed to fall in love with Mr. Weston. It’s a sweet and even romantic part of the story, but it shows how blind Agnes is in many ways. She wants so badly to believe that Mr. Weston is in love with her, but she is also unbelievably easily persuaded otherwise! It’s so silly! She almost seems to be looking for reasons to be unhappy.

Persepolis: Fourth Post (God)

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The presence of God in this book is really interesting. The girl talks to him and he responds, but when he talks to her she doesn’t always listen or respond. It’s very interesting how his presence is woven through the story.

Agnes Grey: Third Post (Length)

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This book is so much shorter than the introduction had led me to believe. It am quite enjoying it. Agnes is an entertaining storyteller and even with few actual plot points the story is interesting to read. The characters are well-drawn, even if not always terribly three-dimensional. It seems clear that the lack of depth in some of the characters is more due to how Agnes perceives them than anything else.

Persepolis: Third Post (Revolution)

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I love the view of revolution that this book gives. It is somewhat mysterious and complicated, but has a clear simplicity in the eyes of a child. Her philosophical comic book and grasp of history are really interesting (and I loved the image of Marx throwing a stone at Descartes to prove its reality). Her loss of faith is also very interesting to see. It’s clear that she had passion, if not always a clear understanding of everything around her.

Agnes Grey: Second Post (Bloomfields)

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Wow. The Bloomfields are all completely atrocious. The children are little demons and the parents little better! And poor Agnes is blamed for the children’s faults, but not given any power to try and remedy them! If it weren’t that I had met families like that, I wouldn’t believe anyone could be like that. As it is, I’m still horrified and saddened by it both in real life and in fiction (which I think is the reaction Anne Bronte was going for). It’s sad more than anything.

Persepolis: Second Post (Prophets)

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Ok, I love the main character already! She decided at age six to become the last prophet. How cool is that? She doesn’t care that it is generally considered impossible for a woman to be a prophet or any of that nonsense, she just knows that she will be one.

Agnes Grey: First Post (First Impressions)

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The introduction was interesting, but mostly made me want to read Anne Bronte’s poetry and other novel! Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to this novel.

That said, someone I hope someone explains to me why they always analyze the book in the introduction – before the reader has read it!

Thank You, Logan!: Second Post (More Thoughts)

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The parent guide suggestions were only ok for this one. Most of the animal suggestions were pretty good, but the germ and nature ones were kind of lame. The quiz was particularly lame (with soap as the prize!). Oh well, the story was good anyway!

Persepolis: First Post (First Impressions)

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I love that this book starts with a bit of history and a statement of purpose. First of all, it’s nice to have some background. I don’t honestly know much about the history of Iran, so the overview is really nice to have. Secondly, I always find it interesting to hear why and author chose to write a book!

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