Reading Lolita in Tehran: Sixth Post (Job)

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Reading Lolita in TehranNafisi’s description of the university and how the revolution sort of centered there was very interesting. I would have been very nervous taking a job where the head of the department and many of the professors have recently (and are still being) put in jail. That would freak me out. Her discussion of her thesis was interesting, but not exactly up my alley. I hope she goes more into what she thinks about Fitzgerald and his work, that would be really interesting to read. Her discussions of Nabokov were fascinating.


Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin Proxy: Fourth Post (Questions)

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Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin ProxyBoy, Clemency does get herself into exciting situations!  How is she going to teach Inky to read in just one night?  And what is Kenneth going to do?  Is he going to still want to be a hobgoblin or is he going to want to stay human now that he’s met his brother?  It’s all rather confusing and I’ll be interested to see what happens.


Reading Lolita in Tehran: Fifth Post (Rules)

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Reading Lolita in TehranThe crazy thinking behind the world many women live in just boggles my mind.  Why is the solution to women having sexual appitites mutilating them when the solution for men is covering up the women or having sex with animals?  And why has anybody spent any time thinking about who should or should not eat the chicken after a man has sex with it?  And how is it at all fair or proper or ethically even a little bit ok to force young women to have virginity tests in government clinics?  I would really rather kill myself than deal with that.  It’s worse than being livestock (although maybe not worse than being the chicken discussed above).

Quick Update

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ReadingOk, obviously I’ve not been around for a while. I’ve been on vacation. I have been reading this whole time and writing blog posts, I just haven’t posted them due to lack of internet connections most of the time. What I’m going to do is post all those thoughts and change the date of the post to be whatever the date they were written on was (I actually dated all my notes). So there will be thoughts on a bunch of books soon (maybe some today, but likely not all). We’re moving this week, so it may take a few days for me to get all caught up! Thanks!


Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin Proxy: Third Post (Time Period)

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Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin ProxyThe time period of this book is strangely nebulous. It feels fairly modern, but everyone uses candles, which is decidedly odd. There are other strange discrepencies too, but what they really all amount to is me being very confused. I guess it doesn’t really matter, I just keep noticing it.

There’s more plot now (sort of), but everything is still sad and confusing. It’s distressing.

Reading Lolita in Tehran: Fourth Post (Stories)

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Reading Lolita in TehranThis book has made me really want to read Lolita and Invitation to a Beheading.  The young womens’ stories are all so interesting!  Each one lives a life so very different from any that I am familiar with.  They are really interesting.  I’m rather glad that I read Persepolis shortly before this book.  It adds another dimension and the two points of view on the same events is fascinating.

Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin Proxy: Second Post (Sadness)

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Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin ProxyAaahhh!  This book is sad!  It’s full of horrible things!  Why is it so full of such horrible things?  The writing is so great and the dialogue is really funny, but the story is so very very sad!  I didn’t expect this book to make me want to cry!  It’s not helped by the fact that I’m reading it while sitting in O’Hare airport.  This book had better turn out happily, damn it!

Reading Lolita in Tehran: Third Post (Nima)

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Reading Lolita in TehranThe discussions of words and books are really interesting and I’m enjoying it a lot.  One thing I keep wondering about is Nima, the boy who wanted to be in the class, and his place in the story.  Why did he want so much to be in Nafisi’s “class”?  What did the girls feel about this?  I understand him wanting to be a part of the class, but why was he so persistant?  Did he think about how his presence would have affected the class?  Did it occur to him that he would have made the gathering more dangerous for the women?  Did he know that without him there the women had the freedom to remove their veils and robes, but if he had been there they could not have done that?  He chafed at not having the right to be a part of this group when the women who were in the group didn’t have even half the rights he had every day.  And yet, I don’t see him as bad or anything, just maybe a little clueless, I guess.  I just can’t help thinking about what he is (almost certainly unintentionally) saying through his actions.  It’s an interesting dimension that Nafisi has thus far spent little time discussing.

Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin Proxy: First Post (First Impressions)

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Clemency Pogue: The Hobgoblin ProxyThis book started out really sad.  I wasn’t expecting it to be so sad.  The puppies made me smile, but their prediciment made me sad and Henry makes me want to cry.  I’m hoping that this book will be as good as the previous one, but I’m not sure that it will be.  The humor is still there, but it’s hard to laugh when I want to cry!

Mystery of the Wizard’s Tomb: Sixth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Mystery of the Wizard's TombThis really was a good story.  There were several strange things that are somewhat inconsistant with Grayhawk lore and Dungeons and Dragons mechanics, but none as egregious as some books in the series have had.  The problem really is that the writing, the storytelling, was dreadful.  It’s quite disappointing to read a book with so much promise and such a good framework, but such awful writing that holds it back.  It could have been among the best in the series, but instead I will probably remember it as one of the books that irritated me the most!  By having so much potential and failing to live up to it by so much, this book has become one of the most disappointing for me!

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