Boys and Girls Forever: Ninth Post (Rushdie)

Posted in Literary Studies at 2:56 pm by Rosepixie

Boys and Girls ForeverThe very short chapter on Salman Rushdie and Haroun and the Sea of Stories is wonderful to read. It is at once a celebration of a truly wonderful book and an exclamation of delight at the power of stories. If anyone in the world understands the power of stories, and maybe even of language itself, it’s Salman Rushdie! His children’s tale of saving stories (hardly a unique concept in and of itself) is marvelously unique, but also shows a wonderful understanding and appreciation o f what came before it. I adore Haroun’s story (the Ocean of Notions is one of my favourite phrases, as is P2C2E) and I am thrilled that Lurie seems to agree with me!

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