Reading Lolita in Tehran: Twenty-fourth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Reading Lolita in TehranThe reading group guide at the back of this book actually wasn’t bad.  I’m floored.  It wasn’t great, but it was much, much better than I have come to expect from such guides.  The questions varied between obvious ones to ask to insightful ones that might actually provoke good discussions.  Best of all, none of them were terribly insulting.  The list of suggested reading was ok, but could have been much better.  Most of it seemed to be little more than a list of titles mentioned at one point or another by the author throughout the text of the book.  In general it wasn’t great and I wouldn’t actually use it, but it wasn’t bad either.

The Frog Princess: Fourth Post (Trickery)

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The Frog PrincessI’m pleased that there is actually a fairly logical explanation for why Emma turned into a frog (and Eadric didn’t turn into a human).  I kind of liked Emma’s plan to get her braclet back from the otter.  Grassina’s objections were valid, but why couldn’t she provide the magic then rather than Emma?  The otter is likely to be just as convinced as if Emma had performed the spells herself.  Just a thought.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what actually happens.

Reading Lolita in Tehran: Twenty-third Post (Ending)

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Reading Lolita in TehranOk, so I’m sure that it’s pretty clear to anyone who’se been reading my thoughts on this book that I have loved it.  It’s an amazingly good book.  But it just sort of stopped.  Memoirs tend to do that and it sort of annoys me.  I mean, clearly the person living in the story is alive and writing it, so the story can’t really have ended yet, but it still seems like many memoirs could end in better places than they do.  I just find it frustrating.  Is Nassrin ever going to write that paper?  Will Nafisi see her magician again?  What about the country itself – what is going to happen to it?  I hate how I don’t get the ending!  I know that it hasn’t happened yet and I’m being kind of irrational, but still…  I like a good ending.

This book was still amazing.


The Frog Princess: Third Post (Characters)

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The Frog PrincessEmma is getting slightly less stupid, which is good. Eadric is getting more moronic, which is not. I like Fang, he’s an interesting character, but Li’l kind of gets on my nerves. The wannabe witch who sounded awfully like a high school goth girl made me laugh out loud. The spider who was a scholar of knots made me laugh too.

I keep trying to remember if bats can see color, since I can totally picture them finding out that Li’l has been leading them to the completely wrong castle (since she was told simply to look for the green banners). Hopefully the journey will involve fewer situations with owls (which are scary) and more situations with nymphs (which are funny). I would like to see our heroine and hero become human again, but I hope that they don’t marry, since they don’t seem to be the best match.

I’m glad that Emma has grown on me because I really disliked her a lot to begin with. I’m still not wild about her, but she isn’t annoying me quite as much anymore.

PS238: To the Cafeteria… for Justice!: Thoughts

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PS238: To the Cafeteria... for Justice!This is such a brilliantly funny comic book!  The concept is great and the writing is fantastic.  This book isn’t exactly a single cohesive story, but it does flow well.  The story about Tyler’s weekend with The Revenant (a superhero sort of like Batman) is really fun to read.  I love poor Tyler’s efforts to avoid anything potentially dangerous and his inability to understand many of the things that happen.  The other story that I particularly loved was the shop class silly putty project story.  Every element of the story was perfectly done and hysterically funny.  Angela is a fun character in general.

I really love the art in this comic.  The kids are really short compared to the adults, which works really well.  It’s kind of cartoony in a good way.  Expressions are exaggerated, which generally makes them funnier.  The kids are really cute, which counterpoints nicely with the extreme property damage (a major point of the comic is that superpowered children have great potential for causing massive amounts of damage).  It is visually appealing and fun to look at.

This really is a great comic.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone.  It’s fun and goofy and you grow way more attached to it than you ever would have expected to!


Reading Lolita in Tehran: Twenty-second Post (Views)

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Reading Lolita in TehranThe girls’ various views on leaving Iran were interesting. Nassrin’s secret journey out of the country came as something of a surprise to me. I mean, I’m not surprised that she would want to leave Iran or that she would be brave enough to go, I was just a little surprised that she actually did it after staying for so long. I also found it interesting that Mahshid didn’t want to leave, despite being unhappy about the way the country was. Again, I really don’t know what I would have done in their positions.

The Night I Followed the Dog: Thoughts

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The Night I Followed the DogThis is a super fun book!  I love the word that illustrate what they are (like “roll over” in a rolling pin).  The story is goofy and a lot of fun.  The illustrations are really cool.  I love the dogs in tuxedos and evening gowns.  The night club is great (the trays of dog treats is a cute detail).  This is just a fun, silly book that is an absolute blast to read!

Sleepy Boy: Thoughts

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Sleepy BoyThe pictures in this book are beautiful.  They are soft and sweet and I love how the lions meld into the boy’s bedroom.  The problem is the text.  There really isn’t any story and the verse is kind of forced at times.  The book is sweet, but far from great.  The pictures are wonderful, but without the text to back them up it just isn’t worth it.

Earth Mother: Thoughts

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Earth MotherThis is a stunning book.  It has the most beautiful illustrations and I just love it.  I totally want a paper doll of Earth Mother.  Her outfits were absolutely fantastic!  The story is soothing and interesting.  It has a way of making you think about what you have said in the past, and what you may say in the future.  It is a really wonderful book!

It’s Bedtime, Wibbly Pig!: Thoughts

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It's Bedtime, Wibbly Pig!This is such an adorable book!  The watercolorish illustrations are perfect (I love the crayon outlines).  The story is simple and fun.  Wibbly Pig never argues, but he isn’t exactly cooperative either.  I love his stuffed toys and the book he was reading before bed.  The pull-out dream page at the end is perfect!  This is definitely a cute book!

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