The Amazing Zonk Wizardry: Fourth Post (Unimportant Facts)

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The Amazing Zonk WizardryHoochie’s super-son is magically going to save her life! This story is so bizarre. It spends so much time focusing on stupid, unimportant parts of the story too. Why do we care if a couple of Navy pilots took pictures of them flying? If it comes up again, fine, but I have little faith that it will. I’m slightly annoyed that Hoochie’s husband’s name keeps changing. Clearly this wasn’t edited very well at all! I mean, a fairly major character’s name keeps changing! It’s quite disconcerting!

Beyond Fear: Ninth Post (Brittleness)

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Beyond FearSecurity works better when it isn’t brittle.  That makes sense.  If a little breech breaks the system, your system sucks.  Non-brittle security systems generally seem difficult to set up, though, which might be why there are so many brittle ones out there!  He likes using various aspects of airport security as examples of what isn’t good.  It’s kind of funny, actually.

The Amazing Zonk Wizardry: Third Post (Hoochie)

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The Amazing Zonk WizardryThis book is really quite odd!  Hoochie’s story made very little sense at all.  I’m really not sure what to think of the whole thing!  Now I guess the story will move on to Hoochie’s children, but I’m not sure how I feel about that either!  She certainly doesn’t worry about letting people know that she’s a wizard.  Not that her powers are very clear or really make much sense anyway, I suppose.  This book is just so very odd!


Beyond Fear: Eighth Post (Repetition)

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Beyond FearSchneier seems to be saying that much of security is simply responding to past attacks.  That does seem to be the way it works – we protect against the past rather than the future.  There is some sense in protecting against the past since, as Schneier points out, most attackers are copycats!

The Amazing Zonk Wizardry: Second Post (Plot?)

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The Amazing Zonk WizardryI’m really not sure where this story is going, or really if it is going anywhere (although it must be, right?).  Hoochie’s life is just odd and Kevin’s comments seem weirdly scripted.  The book is just really strange!  Conflicts come and go but seem to not really matter much and there is little holding the narrative together as a coherint and interesting story, as opposed to a series of strange events told more or less chronologically.  It’s very strange.

Beyond Fear: Seventh Post (Technology)

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Beyond FearSchneier makes a point about technology sometimes giving the attackers the advantage and sometimes giving the defenders the advantage, but all of his examples showed the attackers with the advantage.  When does technology swing to the defender’s side?  Most of his examples were quite interesting, though.  Technology is sort of a two-sided coin.  It gives new options and opportunities, but also opens us up to dangers we never had to face before.  It’s interesting.

The Amazing Zonk Wizardry: First Post (First Impressions)

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The Amazing Zonk WizardryThis book is… strange.  Hoochie is a duck, but also a Zonk Wizard.  Zonk Wizardry is evidently a form of unspecified, but powerful, Irish Wizardry.  There isn’t really much plot yet, just Hoochie telling her life story, so it’s hard to say what I really think so far other than it’s very strange.  I can’t say I like any of the characters so far, but I’m not really very far in either.  I guess we’ll see how the rest of the book goes.


Beyond Fear: Sixth Post (Changes)

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Beyond FearSecurity changes as the challenges facing it does, but in general the types of attackers stay the same over time. Identity fraud has existed for hundreds of years, it’s just done very differently now. The challenge is keeping up with the techniques attackers use, not with the types of attacks themselves. I found all of that very interesting. It makes security hard because the people you really have to worry about are the creative ones! I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense.


Becoming Mary Mehan: Tenth Post (Final Thoughts)

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Becoming Mary MehanThis book ended very suddenly.  I mean, I kind of liked the boat scene at the end, it was just very sudden how Mary had been determined not to give in to being in love with him all day and suddenly on the lake just *poof* gives in.  It felt odd.  The kiss was sweet and I loved that he took her out on the lake like that, her flip just felt sudden.  Anyway, the book was very good.  The first half, The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan, wasn’t good (or at least, I didn’t enjoy it), but I adored the second half, Mary Mehan Awake.  And the reader’s guide didn’t add anything really.  I wasn’t surprised (I usually hate reader’s guides).

Beyond Fear: Fifth Post (Attackers)

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Beyond FearAttackers are a varied group.  I think that was really the primary message of that chapter.  Sometimes you just can’t fathom them.  Reasonable attackers (not terrorists or emotionally motivated ones) can likely be predicted to some extent, and since they are a major piece in the functionality of the security system, it’s good to try and predict them.  That all makes sense.  A lot of this is really common sense.

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