The Gingerbread Girl: Thoughts

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The Gingerbread GirlThis is a pretty cute sequel to the classic story of “The Gingerbread Boy”.  It has a little girl who is smart and learns from her older brother’s mistakes, then uses the tools at hand to make sure that the same fate doesn’t befall her!  The illustrations are cute and the little rhymes are a lot of fun.  Ernst did a very good job with this book and definitely made it more than just a rehash of the old story!

Leonardo the Terrible Monster: Thoughts

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Leonardo the Terrible MonsterThis is a pretty simple book, but it’s also pretty cute.  Leonardo is a cute character and I like how well developed he is (especially given how spare the book is), it’s very impressive.  The story is rather predictable, but also quite appealing and cute!  The art is adorable.  I love the monsters Leonardo compares himself to, they are so overblown it’s hysterical!  This is an adorable book!

Flotsam: Thoughts

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FlotsamThis is an incredibly cool book.  It is very quiet (we see the boy waiting for film to be developed, among other things), but it’s riviting!  The photographs in the camera are so strange that one can’t help but wonder about them!  And the photograph with all the children stretching back through time is maybe the most intriguing of all!  This is just such a fascinating book!  Wiesner has the best imagination!  I totally want this book!

Monsters Are Afraid of the Moon: Thoughts

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Monsters Are Afraid of the MoonThis is such a fun book!  It is a really silly series of events, but nothing too far out there for a child audience.  The art is fantastic and I just adore the picutre of the rats dancing in a line!  The story is great.  It flows well and has excellent pacing, which is really nice.  This is just a really fun book.  I love it!

Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!: Thoughts

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Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest!This is a really cute and super fun book!  The illustrations are fabulous and full of fantastic details!  I love all the stuff to look at!  The story is funny and fun to read.  Although sometimes one begins to wonder what Sophie has to say for herself (and her way of doing things sure looks more fun than Olivia’s at times), overall the voice and tone work really well.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

The Cow Who Clucked: Thoughts

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The Cow Who CluckedThis is a cute book, but the story wasn’t particularly remarkable.  The art was pretty and had nice texture.  The colors were soft and almost washed out.  The story was cute and had a nice use of repetition, but it just wasn’t particularly special.  I liked it, but felt no need to read it again or particularly recommend it to anyone.

Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct: Thoughts

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Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was ExtinctThis is a really cute book!  The pictures are absolutely adorable.  I love Edwina’s hat and pearls!  Reginald is such a great character.  I think that the picture of him with the protest sign is my absolute favorite!  The story is silly, but also delightfully absurd.  It’s just so much fun to read and I love it!  This is great!

Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga: Third Post (Preparation)

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Nightmare Realm of Baba YagaOk, so our not so intrepid heroes didn’t exactly come prepared for this adventure.  Not only are there only two of them (neither of them a cleric), but they have (evidently) no knowledge of what they are getting into, no healing whatsoever (not even a potion), and no magic at all (just a sword that can stop low-level magic).  How did they hope to succeed?  I mean, I guess there must be a way to succeed, but are dumb adventurers!


The Te of Piglet: Fifth Post (Eeyore)

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The Te of PigletI’m not sure that I agree with Hoff on everything he said about Eeyoreness in this chapter.  I don’t like Eeyore very much, and for most of the same reasons Hoff doesn’t, but I think that he makes some weird leaps of logic here.  The news part of the discussion worked really well and made sense, that part I liked, but after that he started making strange analogies.  The stuff about education really seemed overreactionary to me.  I see where he’s coming from, I’m just not sure he actually knows what he’s talking about.  The whole thing just didn’t make sense if you know anything about how education actually works (and the history of it).  He just seemed to have media knowledge of how education works, which is usually far from accurate.  I also found the feminism discussion to be strange.  I mean, I agree with some of what he said but can’t see how it connects to Eeyore at all!  It was just strange.  And I want to be hearing about Piglet anyway!

Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga: Second Post (Insanity)

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Nightmare Realm of Baba YagaWell, so far Baba Yaga’s hut is fairly true to form.  This story is really odd.  If I were planning to try and steal something from Baba Yaga, who is an immortal witch, I think I’d take more than one friend along!  I mean, he seems compitent and all, but come on, she’s Baba Yaga!  It just seems foolish to me!

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