Golden: Second Post (Characters)

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GoldenThis has begun intriguingly enough.  A Repunzel with no hair is certainly different!  I like the sorceress so far (although I wonder why the author chose to give her a name from another fairy-legend character, since it’s distracting and slightly confusing – is there supposed to be a connection?).  Rapunzel herself is fairly unremarkable so far, but I do like her, which is good.  The author is rather unsubtle about her father and such, but I like that he is included.  I always wondered why her parents just gave her up without much protest.  This makes a bit more sense so far.

Vogue 196/11: Thoughts

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Vogue 196/11This was a fairly unremarkable issue of Vogue.  There were few things that really annoyed me (name-dropping columnists were about the worst offense), but also precious little to truly spark my interest.  As I said last month, most of the trends this season absolutely do not appeal to me, so the spreads gushing about the new crazy pieces the designers are offering kind of bored me.  The set of print dresses Kate Moss modelled had a few gems, but that was about it for largely the fashion review portion of the issue.  None of the books reviewed sounded exciting either.  The profiles of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund competition finalists were bland, but had some interesting pictures.  I loved the gown from Jovovich-Hawk!

The one article in the issue that caught my interest was the piece on Cate Blanchett.  The article itself was fairly standard Vogue celebrity stuff and only marginally interesting, but it was accompanied by several photographs – one of which was amazing!  It was Cate Blanchett all dressed up in some of Dior’s crazy couture stuff from this season – an embroidered gown with a full-plate shoulder and arm piece and an elaborate crystal crown with dripping beads.  It was spectacular!  All I could think was that it would be a perfect costume for a White Queen in a chess game – a crazy, elegant, fantastical, warrior queen from a land of war and magic!  That one picture made this issue worth getting for me.  Even my husband (who usually finds Vogue mind-numbingly dull) was completely entranced by the image and wanted to see the rest of the collection those pieces came from!

This was a boring issue with one absolutely stunning image!

Tiffany’s Table Manners for Teenagers: First Post (First Impressions)

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Tiffany's Table Manners for TeenagersThe forward of this book is funny.  It includes a not-so-subtle plug for Tiffany tableware (they make lovely crystal) and a very subtle comment about how everyone should be polite enough to be worthy of it.  I do like that that author allows that there are other valid systems of table manners, but that he likes his because it is elegant and easy.

Golden: First Post (First Impressions)

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GoldenSo far this is a reasonably interesting story.  I like philosophical questions and I like characters who ask them even more.  Beyond that, I can’t really say much about this book yet.  The voice isn’t very distinctive, but perhaps it will become more so as the book continues.  Who knows?

The Gods in Winter: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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The Gods in WinterThis was a fascinating book.  The story was wonderfully told.  I wasn’t wild about the fact that the family told the whole Persephone story at the end of the book.  If it had happened before, why did it happen again in exactly the same way?  And if it happened before, why don’t the gods remember it?  If it didn’t happen before, where did the story come from and why does it match so exactly?  It just bugged me.  Nevertheless, the story itself was very well done and interesting to read.


L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz: Eleventh Post (Final Thoughts)

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L. Frank Baum: Creator of OzIt is clear that Rogers appreciates Baum’s talent as a writer and a storyteller.  She points out many of his books’ best qualities – the inventive characters, the pointed and perceptive comments they make about people and society and Baum’s wonderful way of speaking to his child audiences at their level rather than at them or from above them, just to name a few.  She has trouble recognizing the merits in any of the later books (which aren’t as good, but are still decent), and her hatred of the 1939 movie seems a bit excessive for this book.  It wasn’t the best note to end an otherwise very interesting book on.  She should have come back to Baum at the end, since the book was about him!

The Gods in Winter: Second Post (Characters)

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The Gods in WinterThis story is told interestingly.  The incident with the pony was wonderfully done and the part where Crispin was turned into a lizard was brilliantly told, if slightly confusing.  I like the characters a lot.  The writer’s descriptions of the two parents in particular are brilliantly funny.  Even the pony is a cute character, although we really only saw him once.  This is certainly an interesting book, though!


L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz: Tenth Post (Last Words)

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L. Frank Baum: Creator of OzBaum’s last words are kind of fascinating.  They suggest that he thought of Oz as a kind of paradise and eventually likened it to Heaven.  There is certainly something appealing in the thought of him being forever in Oz, among all of his beloved characters and finally free of pain.  Maybe that’s why it became a paradise for him, because of the pain.  A place where one could live with no pain would be very appealing to someone experiencing constant pain (believe me, I know).  I like the idea of him there.  His last words are fitting.


The Gods in Winter: First Post (First Impressions)

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The Gods in WinterThis book is certainly interesting so far.  It’s not very subtle and I’m a little confused about why “Mrs Korngold” was at their house in the first place.  Is she looking for her daughter?  Otherwise why would she be there posing as home help?  It’s all very confusing.  The family is cute, though.  They are very eccentric, but are amusing to read about!  I am enjoying the book so far, I’m just a bit confused!


Very Funny, Elizabeth!: Second Post (More Thoughts)

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Very Funny, Elizabeth!This was a cute story and I enjoyed the ending.  It reverted completely to the way everything was before, which felt odd for this series but made a point quite well for this book.  I felt like there were fewer full and half page illustrations than usual.  That may be my memory being faulty, but there did seem to be painfully few in this book (one half page illustration and three full page ones, one is on the cover illustration and frontispiece as well as in the text).

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