So You Want to Be a Wizard: Third Post (Final Thoughts)

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So You Want to Be a WizardThe resolution of this book is really sad but also extremely satisfying.  Fred is such an endearing character that his death is simply heartbreaking, but at the same time one can’t help but feel that he would make the same choice again in a moment.  The reading of the book is kind of fascinating, and Duane does a marvelous job of describing it.  I’m really quite impressed with this book.  It’s just so good!

Lingerie: Fourteenth Post (Madonna)

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LingerieMore Madonna!  Bardey really seems to want to give Madonna an awful lot of credit for lingerie trends.  It’s kind of scary.  At least the one picture in this chapter that was not of Madonna was of very 1980s lingerie on a model.  Still, there was more to the 1980s than Madonna and power suits!


So You Want to Be a Wizard: Second Post (Out of Time)

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So You Want to Be a WizardThe dark universe Nita and Kit are sent to in this book is very strange.  Perhaps what stands out the most for me is that it is a world without history and likely without future (even if the kids hadn’t interfered).  It is a city of sky-scrapers with no people.  The buildings have no purpose.  Store fronts lie empty, doors are all permanently locked.  Without builders and residents to maintain them and give purpose to the structures, why are they there?  For that matter, where did they come from?  What’s the point, really?


Lingerie: Thirteenth Post (The 1970s)

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LingerieThe chapter on the 1970s was excellent.  It had pictures of different types of lingerie, good descriptions and plenty of background and history.  The story about the first sports bra was funny and very much like the story about the first bra!  I wonder what both looked like, though.

So You Want to Be a Wizard: First Post (First Impressions)

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So You Want to Be a WizardThis is such an awesome book!  I love Fred.  He totally rocks.  The cover art on my copy (right) sucks, but I guess there isn’t much I can do about that.  The writing in this book is just great.  Diane Duane did a great job evoking the emotions of her characters and the sensations involved in doing wizardry.  It’s really impressive.

Addy Saves the Day: More Thoughts

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Addy Saves the DayThis was a good story, but it ended really suddenly!  A short chapter at the end wrapping things up and dealing with the sudden, miraculous appearance of Sam might have been good.  It just felt really sudden.  The plot with Harriet was well done and the theft was handled well, although some acknowledgment of why the girl was stealing all the money would have been good.  There were just a few weird loose ends.  One more chapter would have been nice.

Lingerie: Twelfth Post (Pictures Again)

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LingerieThe chapter on the 1960s had the same problem with images that the chapter on the 1940s had. This book is really interesting, but without useful images the references in the text make little sense much of the time. It’s very confusing! Pictures of Twiggy and people in catsuits are fun, but have little help to offer in trying to learn about period lingerie. Knowing what people wore is important, but if you only get four pictures per chapter at least two or three should be of lingerie – that’s what the book is about!

Addy Saves the Day: Thoughts

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Addy Saves the DayThe story so far is fairly good, although quite simple. I find the dialect kind of annoying primarily because it feels only half done, like the author is trying to suggest that Addy and her family have a specific dialect without really writing in it. I’d much rather she had actually used it. I can see why she wouldn’t want to, given the skill level of the readers, but then she should have just dropped it altogether. It’s frustrating and annoying as it is.

The Castle of Llyr: Fifth Post (Final Thoughts)

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The Castle of LlyrEilonwy stands up for herself quite a bit at the end, but I wonder how much the men really learn from it.  After everything, Taran still assumes she will allow herself to be married off to Prince Rhun.  Why does he assume that?  She’s a very independent young woman who has never allowed herself to be bossed around in important things before, so why would she just let someone else tell her who to marry?  It makes no sense.

Lingerie: Eleventh Post (Cone Breasts)

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LingerieThe 1950s were a strange decade for lingerie.  It really was all about the small waist and cone shaped breasts.  Why pointy breasts?  That seems so strange!  It often just looks weird!  Breasts aren’t cone shaped!  And damn does the writer of this book like Madonna’s cone corset!  She refers to it way more often than is necessary and it really just seems weird!

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